EIAJ-1 ½-inch open reel video tape (1969 – early 1980s)

EIAJ-1 was an analogue video tape standard developed by the Electronic Industries Association of Japan in 1969.

It used ½-inch tape on 7-inch reels providing 60 minutes of recording time (5-inch reels were also available for portable video tape recorders offering 30 minutes).

Initially offering black and white, and later colour recording, the tape could be played on different models and brands of video tape recorder (previously video tape standards were proprietary and varied between different brands and even different models).

EIAJ-1 paved the way for non-professional video recording to become more affordable and widespread, with many businesses, schools, government agencies, hospitals, and even some consumers adopting the format in the early 1970s. Some of the first public-access television stations that went on the air in that same era also used EIAJ-1 extensively, due to its portability, low cost, and versatility.

EIAJ-2 was a cartridge version of EIAJ-1 using the same tape and recording specifications. However, the tape was enclosed in a cartridge to do away with the need for manually threading it.

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