Betacam SX (1996 – 2007)

Betacam SX was a digital version of Betacam SP, and was introduced in 1996 by Sony. It was positioned as a cheaper alternative to Digital Betacam.

All Betacam SX equipment was compatible with Betacam SP tapes. S-size tapes have a recording time up to 62 minutes, and L-size tapes up to 194 minutes. Betacam SX tape shells were bright yellow.

Betacam SX was very successful with news-gathering operations, which had a legacy of Betacam and Betacam SP tapes. Betacam SX cameras were generally considered by most sound recordists to be quite noisy in operation, possibly because the amount of computer processing power, and the subsequent generated heat led to cooling fans being used to keep the camera at a reasonable temperature.

By 2008, Betacam SX machines were no longer available from Sony.

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