Gold Moulded Record (1902 – 1912)

Gold Moulded Records are a type of phonograph cylinder introduced in 1902 by Edison Records. The cylinders were made of a hard black wax, capable of being played hundreds of times before wearing out. They ran at a standard speed of 160 RPM and played for between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes (and were generally labelled as 2 minutes).

They used a process that Edison had developed, that allowed a mould to be made from a master cylinder which then permitted the production of several hundred cylinders to be made from the mould. The reference to gold was that the master cylinder was coated with gold as part of the production process. Previously cylinders were recorded live or by hooking two machine together to copy from one cylinder to another, and they used softer brown wax which wore out in as few as twenty playings.

Gold Moulded Records were discontinued in 1912.

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