Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (2002 – 2007)

The Nintendo GameCube was a sixth-generation video game console introduced in 2001 in Japan and the US (it became available in Europe in 2002) and was the successor to the Nintendo 64.

It featured two memory card ports for saving game data and Nintendo released three official memory cards: Memory Card 59, which was grey and had a capacity of 512 KB (59 save blocks), Memory Card 251, which was black and had a capacity 2 MB (251 save blocks) and Memory Card 1019, which was white and had a capacity of 8 MB (1019 save blocks).

A few games were known to have compatibility issues with the 8 MB memory card, and at least two games have save issues with any size.

Reception of the GameCube was mixed, but it sold approximately 22 million units and more than 600 games were released for the GameCube before it was discontinued in 2007.

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