Pocket Rockers (1988 – 1991)

Pocket Rockers was a portable music player aimed at children, and introduced by Fisher-Price in 1988.

Unlike other personal stereos of the time that were based around the Compact Cassette, Pocker Rockers used a small proprietary endless-loop cartridge (more like a miniature 8-Track) each containing two songs licensed from popular artists. When the first song ended, a switch on the player allowed you to switch to the other track.

The players came with a built in speaker, and a headphone jack. Accessories such as external speakers and tape storage systems were also available.

They were advertised with the tagline ‘Tiny Tapes, Tiny Players’ and came in a range of colourful designs. They were a fashion item as much as a music system (the tapes came with a belt clip that meant they could be worn) and were briefly popular enough to be banned in some schools.

By 1991 though, falling sales spelled the end for them.

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