Professional Disc (2003 – )

Professional Disc (PFD) is an optical disc video recording format introduced in 2003 by Sony. It was designed for the XDCAM digital video system, and uses blue laser (like Blu-ray).

Professional discs come in four different capacities, depending on the number of layers, ranging from 23 GB for a single-layer disc, to 128 GB for quad-layer discs. The different discs come in different colours to distinguish them (black, red, yellow or white for single, dual, triple and quad layer respectively).

Sony’s Professional Disc for DATA was a variant of Professional Disc that was intended for data storage. The discs are not compatible with Professional Discs intended for XDCAM video use, and the format was declared ‘end of life’ by Sony in 2007.

Since 2009, Sony has introduced the ability to store data on Professional Discs for the XDCAM system, in a dedicated ‘User Data’ folder.

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