Reduced-Size MultiMedia Card (RS-MMC) / MMCmobile (2004 – 2006)

The Reduced-Size MultiMedia Card (RS-MMC) was a smaller variant of MultiMedia Card, introduced in 2004 and used almost exclusively in mobile phones.

It was around half the size of an MMC card, but with an adaptor could be used in an MMC slot.

MMCmobile was a later variant of RS-MMC introduced in 2005, the main difference being that MMCmobile was dual-voltage, and could operate in later mobile phones with a low-voltage (1.8V) slot, as well as older phones using 3V.

Nokia and Siemens were the only manufacturers to make use of RS-MMC/MMCmobile, and by 2006 had Nokia had switched to miniSD or microSD while Siemens exited the mobile phone business.

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