Slide carousel (1950s – 2000s)

A slide carousel was a circular tray for holding 35mm slides for use in a slide projector, allowing slides to be stored and viewed sequentially.

The most well known was the Kodak Carousel projector, introduced in 1962, but based on a design by Louis Misurace from the 1950s, which originally used an 80-slide carousel (some later models could use a 140-slide carousel) in a horizontal position so the slides dropped into the projector. A locking ring holds the slides in place.

During the 1970s, Kodak also produced a Pocket Carousel projector for use with 110 film slides.

Another family of projectors, the RotoTray, was based around a design originated by Sawyer’s/GAF and later sold under many brand names. On these, the carousel was mounted vertically, and slides pushed in from the side. Slides were held in place by friction.

Kodak stopped producing the Carousel projector in 2004.

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