Super Video Recording (SVR) (1979)

Super Video Recording (SVR) was a video tape cassette format and a variant of VCR, developed by Grundig and introduced in 1979.

The cassettes were physically identical to VCR with the exception of a small actuator added to the bottom of the cassette, but chrome-dioxide tape was used with finer particles that allowed slower tape speeds. This allowed SVR tapes to offer up to four hour recording times.

However, the different tape formulation meant that VCR tapes could not be used in SVR recorders, but SVR tapes could be used in VCR and VCR-LP recorders and SVR tapes were marked with playing times for the three different speeds.

The only SVR video recorder made was the Grundig SVR4004, along with a rebadged ITT 240.

The format was replaced by Video 2000  in 1979.

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