Television Electronic Disc (TeD) (1975 – 1978)

Television Electronic Disc (TeD) was a video disc format, released in 1975 by Telefunken and Teldec (after being initially announced in 1970) in West Germany.

The format used 8-inch flexible foil discs, which spun at 1,500 rpm on a cushion of air. The discs were claimed to withstand being played 1,000 times and used a vertical recording method with 130-150 grooves per millimeter (compared to 10-13 on an LP). The tracks were read by a pressure pick-up, which translated the surface of the ridges, via a piezo-electric crystal, into an electrical signal.

When released, the discs could hold 10 minutes of colour video, so longer programmes required a lot of disc changes.

TeD never gained wide acceptance, and could not compete against the emerging videocassette systems of the time such as VHS and Betamax. Telefunken adopted VHS in 1978.

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