V-Cord (1972 – late 1970s)

V-Cord was a consumer analogue video cassette format introduced by Sanyo in 1972.

V-Cord I used tapes holding 20 or 30 minutes of black and white video, whereas V-Cord II (introduced in 1976) could record up to 120 minutes on a V-120 cassette by using thinner tape and a smaller cassette hub. The V-Cord II system also offered colour and two recording speeds (standard and long-play).

The cassettes themselves looked similar to audio 8-Track cartridges, and were loaded with the narrow end in first, with the ½-inch tape being pulled out of the side of the cassette.

VCRs using the V-Cord system were produced by Sanyo and Toshiba, but by 1977 Sanyo had switched to Betamax though it called its line of machines Betacord to continue the V-Cord name.

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