Casio ROM Pack (1983 – early 1990s)

Casio ROM pack (front)The Casio ROM Pack was a ROM cartridge that allowed certain Casio keyboards to play pre-programmed music. The first Casio keyboard to accept ROM Packs was released in 1983, and Casio made a number of keyboard models throughout the 1980s and early 1990s that accepted them.

The Casio keyboards that accepted ROM Packs came bundled with ‘World Songs’ (RO-551) which contained four songs, but a large number of additional packs (estimated to be at least 46), covering a wide range of musical genres, were available to purchase separately.

As well as just listening to the music, ROM Pack keyboards had various training modes to teach you to play the tunes, most using flashing LEDs above each key to guide the user.

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