Compact Video Cassette (CVC) (1980 – 1983)

Compact Video Cassette (CVC) was an analogue video tape format introduced in 1980 by Funai Electronics for portable use. The first machine, the Model 212, was jointly developed by Funai and Technicolor and included a VCR and handheld camera.

The cassette itself was slightly larger than a Compact Cassette but significantly smaller than previous video cassette formats such as Betamax and VHS. It used 6.5mm (¼-inch) tape, and the initial tape capacity was 30 minutes on the VC30 cassette. V45 and V60 cassettes were introduced later. The tapes were capable of recording in colour, but sound was in mono.

It was hoped that CVC would compete with 8mm film in the home movie market, but the camera had poor low-light sensitivity, limiting its usefulness for home indoor use, and the tape was prone to dropouts during playback.

Funai Electric began producing VHS machines in 1983.

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