D5 / D5 HD (1994 – late 2000s)

D5 was a professional digital video format introduced by Panasonic in 1994. Like Sony’s D1, it was an uncompressed digital system, but used the same ½-inch tapes as Panasonic’s digital composite D3 video.

Recording in D5 mode on a D3 tape provided half the capacity, so a 120 minute D3 tape gave 60 minutes.

D5 HD was a high-definition system that used the same tapes as D5, and was also released in 1994. D5 HD video was compressed to save bandwidth.

D5 tapes were available in three sizes, S, M and L. S tapes provided up to 23 minutes in D5/D5 HD mode, M tapes provided up to 63 minutes, and L tapes provided up to 94 minutes.

D5 HD (D-15) competed with Sony’s HDCAM and Panasonic’s own DVCPRO HD formats, and by 2010 Panasonic has stopped producing D5 camcorders.

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