Ditto (1992 – 1999)

Ditto was a line of proprietary magnetic tape formats for data storage, introduced by Iomega in 1992. They were based on QIC standards, and different versions of Ditto used either the QIC Minicartridge, Travan, or QIC EX form factors. Some Ditto drives could read other QIC cartridges.

They were designed for use as a backup device for personal computers, and originally offered storage of 250 MB compressed with the Ditto 250 drive. Later the DittoMAX PRO offered up to 10 GB compressed storage.

Both internal and external versions of the tape drive were offered, with the internal version connected through the floppy drive channel (although an accelerator card, the Ditto Dash was also available) and external drive connected through the parallel port. Both versions were slow compared to disk backup.

Iomega discontinued the Ditto line in 1999.

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