HD DVD/DVD Combo Format (2006 – 2008)

HD DVD/DVD Combo Format discs were marketed during the short lifetime of HD DVD as a way for consumers to buy high-definition video whilst still being able to access a standard-definition version, perhaps for use in a portable DVD-Video player or laptop that didn’t have a HD DVD drive, or to be able to buy a DVD now that they could watch in high-definition when they later upgraded to HD DVD.

The disc essentially consists of an HD DVD disc and a DVD disc glued together to create a double-sided disc, packaged in a standard HD DVD case.

The price of a combo disc was generally higher than the already expensive HD DVD version, and there were problems reported with some discs freezing during playback, or the discs becoming unglued from each other. Warner even made the same films available on a less expensive Blu-ray-only disc.

In 2007, Universal began to move away from the combo format, and released more titles on HD DVD-only discs.

By early 2008, Toshiba abandoned HD DVD, and the HD DVD Promotion Group was disbanded after major content manufacturers and key retailers began withdrawing their support for the format in favour of Blu-ray. Around one million dedicated HD DVD players had been sold.

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