HitClips Disc (2003 – 2004)

HitClips Discs were another attempt to market the HitClips format that was introduced by Tiger Electronics in 1999.

Like HitClips, the system was marketed at children, and the players came in a variety of styles. HitClips Discs players could play HitClips, but the new Discs were not compatible with existing players.

Despite the name, HitClips Discs were still memory cards on a key ring, but were round in shape. Although the songs on the format were still edited versions, they were longer in length with up to 120 seconds available. They were still in mono, with poor sound quality, so after 100 years of progress we had a format that was pretty much equivalent in capacity and sound quality to the brown wax cylinder.

Around 22 songs were released on the format before it was discontinued.

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