Mattel Intellivision / Intellivision II (1979 – 1990)

Intellivison was a second-generation video game console introduced by Mattel in 1979.

The Intellivision was also rebadged by a number of retailers and sold under name such as Sears Super Video Arcade and Radio Shack TandyVision. Its main competitor was the Atari VCS.

It was very successful and over 3 million consoles were sold, with a total of 125 games released.

A Keyboard Component was promoted as a soon-to-be-available accessory for 1981, and this would turn the Intellivision into a functional home computer. However, it was never made widely available due to reliability and cost issues and was cancelled in 1982 to be replaced by a much simpler module called the Entertainment Computer System (ECS).

In 1982 also saw the introduction of the redesigned Intellivision II, which was smaller and cheaper to manufacture. Intellivision cartridges were compatible, but some changes to the internal ROM meant some games had minor glitches.

The video game crash of 1983 led to price reductions and losses, and early in 1984 Mattel closed its electronics division. The rights to Intellivision and remaining stock were sold to INTV Corp. and consoles were manufactured until 1990.