Compact VHS (VHS-C) (1982 – late 2000s)

VHS-C is a smaller version of VHS, and was introduced by JVC in 1982 for use in analogue camcorders.

Because it uses the same tape as VHS, VHS-C cassettes can be played back in a VHS machine by use of an adaptor.

VHS-C’s main competitor was Video8, and a fairly evenly-matched battle took place between then during the 1980s. However while Video8 had capacities up to 120 minutes in SP mode, VHS-C only had up to 60 minutes.

Later, a higher quality version was introduced, S-VHS-C, which was compatible with S-VHS.

No digital version was introduced (unlike VHS with its D-VHS variant, and Video8 with Digital8) and it has been made obsolete by smaller digital formats like MiniDV, and hard-drive recorders.